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Opening up education to one billion people.

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TotoGEO is a collaboration with INSEAD and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dozens of partner organizations, thousands of service providers and hundreds of thousands of farmers and users engaged in maintaining, growing and leveraging the content we supply.

The content we generate empowers millions of the world's poorest people to make better choices.

The world of educational content is divided, leaving one billion people behind. Closing the "content gap" means millions of people will gain access to information in their local language. This can include basic yet life changing information like farming techniques, weather information, health tips, math and language books.

We are creating this content, for over 300 local languages in Africa and Asia for the very first time.

How it works

We author locally appropriate content, translate it into the local language, and package it in the most impactful format.

The impact

Because of our scalable technology, we drastically reduce the cost of creating educational content. This opens up opportunities for a variety of players.


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